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Meri Firpo

Dr. Meri Firpo, Stem Cell Based Diabetes Therapy

Dr. Meri Firpo is one of the nations leading researchers on stem cells, and has been working hard on developing and bringing to market a stem cell-based therapy to treat diabetes. Read about Meri's experience as she tries to bring her groundbreaking work to market on the MIN-Corps blog.

Muhammad A

Muhammad Abdurrahman, Reemo

Muhammad Abdurrahman is a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Reemo. After graduating from Morehouse College, he pursued his doctorate in linguistics at the University of Minnesota, where he founded Playtabase, a company that eventually became Reemo. While at the University, he also cofounded and led the Youth Music Education Foundation and participated in the STARTUP class at the Carlson School of Management, where he worked on building Playtabase. Since his participation in the course, Reemo has undergone residency at Microsoft and is now a Samsung Enterprise partner. Read more about Muhammad and Reemo on the MIN-Corps blog.

Sylvie and Valerie 

Sylvie Pailloux & Valerie Pierre, Rapid Infection Test

Sylvie Pailloux and Valerie Pierre built a rapid infection test technology they had discovered into a commercializable solution using the Lean Startup methodology taught in one of MIN-Corps' Value Proposition Design Workshops. This test allows doctors to detect potentially fatal infections such as menangitis within 10 minutes as opposed to the current standard wait time of 48-72 hours. They've receieved funding from the MN-REACH program and are currently working with the Mayo Clinic to further develop this technology and get it into the market as soon as possible. Read more about Sylvie and Valerie's journey here.


Trong Dong & Ngan Pham, Rakuna

Trong and Ngan were Spring 2015 STARTUP class participants. During their time in the class, they used the Lean Startup methodology to continually develop and refine their idea for Rakuna, an app designed to connect online and offline recruiting practices into a seamlessly integrated experience. At the end of the class, they decided to enter Rakuna in the MN Cup student division where they achieved finalist status. Rakuna is now an alumnus of the Founder's Space accelerator in San Francisco and plans to keep moving forward. Read more about Trong and Ngan's journey with Rakuna on the EntreEd blog.


Paul Hines, DOSE Health

While at the University of Minnesota's Medical School in the Fall of 2014, Paul Hines enrolled in the STARTUP course. His "smart" pillbox was developed to administer medication to patients who had trouble taking their various pills on time, every time. Paul has ceased his residency internship at Abbot Northwestern to pursue this idea as CEO of DOSE Health. Read more about the role STARTUP in Paul's journey here.

Shawn Wilhelm, Hydraulic Pump

University of Minnesota PhD student, Shawn Wilhelm, was enrolled in STARTUP in Fall semester of 2013.  His highly efficient design for a hydraulic pump was commercialized through his efforts, and he has subsequently received $300,000 in grants to continue commercializing his technology. To read more, see this article.


Nate Conner, ShedBed

University of Minnesota MBA student, Nate Conner, was enrolled in STARTUP in Spring semester of 2013.  His novel idea for a statically-charged dog bed captures the hair and dander from pets, thereby alleviating the mess and complications from allergies.  Nate won the student division of the 2013 Minnesota Cup and is preparing to launch his product in 2014.  To read more, see this article.


Zach MacGill, Perk Health

University of Minnesota undergraduate student, Zach MacGill, was enrolled in STARTUP in Spring semester of 2012.  Zach was runnerup in the student division of the 2012 Minnesota Cup and has raised more than $400,000 to continue commercializing the development of his wellness program built around an automated personal trainer. To read more, see article.


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