Innovation Corps

MIN-Corps, an I-Corps site

MIN-Corps is the University of Minnesota site for the National Science Foundation I-Corps program.  We provide commercialization education and coaching programs that help STEM students, postdocs and faculty develop the skills required to translate their innovations into product and services with real-world impact.  To learn more about MIN-Corps leadership and how to contact us, click here.

MIN-Corps Results

Since 2014, 3000+ participants from 22 colleges within University of Minnesota and the business community have participated in 79+ MIN-Corps academic courses, commercialization bootcamps, value proposition design workshops, seminars and events.  The 301 innovation teams (including 22 active startups) have generated over $12.7 million in commercialization grants and investment funding.  Also, congratulations to the following 17 NSF I-Corps National Teams participants, which each recieved a $50,000 grant to engage in intense customer discovery and business model design:

The I-Corps National Teams Experience

Participating in the NSF I-Corps National Teams program is seven intense weeks of exhaustion, exhilaration and "ah-ha" moments.  Each participating team emerges with a robust set of customer discovery and technology commercialization skills, as well as an assessment of their innovation's market potential and business model.  University of Minnesota teams that have completed MIN-Corps program customer discovery requirements are eligible to be recommended to the National Teams program.  

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The I Corps Teams Experience

STARTUP Participant Experience: Rakuna


MIN-Corps offers a variety of short-term, non-credit bootcamps and workshops aimed at catalyzing technology commercialization across the University of Minnesota. We also offer MGMT 5102: STARTUP, a two credit course open to undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline who are interested in exploring the market potential of their own startup ideas.

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